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Patience is a virtue

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1 Patience is a virtue on Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:36 pm


Becc Lander
16 years of Age
Can be an handful, been to joovie a few times. She is rather shy but yet she comes off a rather opinionated person.
She does Kickboxing for a weekend hobby, She is rather loud and comes off agro. But when it comes to guys. She is actually rather submissive.


Becc attempted to move her pointer finger but she was unable to move it.
"Shit" She muttered as pain shot up her hand. Yep. Must be broken.
"Good going Becc, Thats why you dont punch a fucking wall" Becc sighed as she strapped her fingers together with strapping tape
"That will do"
Becc walked out the the door, bag slung over her shoulder as she walked to school. She barged through the doors, everyone ignored her, as they do.

Becc walked over to her mates, they are slaarted flailing over her hand. Becc sighed
"Its fine, Calm your tits guys"

With that, the siren went and they walked to class

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