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Trance's Tame horses

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Trance's Tame horses  EllisReiningHorses

Name: Back street boy
Barn name: Bam
Disepline: Reining
Personal: Bam is a very compeditive Stallion, he hates losing and he shows no personality but he is actually very kind.

Trance's Tame horses  Reining_horse_homegrphc

Name: Big chex
Barn name: Chex
Disepline: Reining
Personality: serious about his career, takes it very seriously, has a sense of humor though.

Trance's Tame horses  Itsa-Fritzie-Command

Name: Hollywood Dun it
Barn name: Dun it
Disepline: Reining
Personal: Love reining but he is just a normal horse but as soon as he is in the ring a new thing happens

Trance's Tame horses  DarolandBlackAsACat

Name: Comets meteorite
Barn name: Comet
Disepline: Cutting
Personal: He is a gorgeous stallion, he loves cutting, he likes to let lose

Trance's Tame horses  Bestofchic_reining

Name: This place is bout to blow
Barn name: Bomber
Personal: Nice and calm he is lovely and smooth to ride, great at reining and has never lost a comp


Trance's Tame horses  Sundaywithatwist

Name: Sunday with a twist
Barn name: Twist
Disepline: Reining
Personal: Bit moody at time, lovely mare to ride, alwasy wins and she takes her career seriously.

Trance's Tame horses  Miss%20Tough%20Dixiana

Name: Wanna be your victim
Barn name: Victim
Disepline:Reining and cutting
Personal:Is an awesome reiner and she works well to music

Trance's Tame horses  Chestnut-quarter-horse

Name: Futuristic lovers
Barn name: Sadie
Disepline: Showjumping
Personal: Loving but is harcore when it comes to showjumping


Trance's Tame horses  Roany%20in%20china

Name: Turn and burn
Barn name: Burn
Desepline: Barrel racer
Personal: Fast, loves barrel racing, he beats stallions at it

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