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Trances Racers

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1 Trances Racers on Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:43 pm



Race Name: River Valley Hit n Run
Barn name: River
Gender: Stallion
Temper: Fast and strong, as soon as he is in the staring gates, its nothing but him and the finish line.

Racing name: Go For Glory
Barn name: Samson
Gender: Stallion
Temper: Nice and calm, he trys hard to win but he will not gallop so hard he cant breathe just to win.

Racing name: Burst into flames
Barn name: Flame
Gender: Young stallion
Temper: Young and fresh, a bit skittish, he trys his best but he always gets pushed aroubd on the track by the older, more exp racers.

Race name: Bring me down
Barn name: Blaze
Gender: Stallion
Temper: Young but very fast, he does not have to push himself to win.

Race name: Slam it
Barn name: Slam
Gender: Young stallion
Temper: Nice, a tiny bit skittish, trys hard to win.

Race name: River valley Say it again
Barn name: Valley
Gender: Young mare
Temper: Young but is mature, she is not very tolerant. she is a " Get the job done, then finish up" Horse

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