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Trance's Humans and pets

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1Trance's Humans and pets Empty Trance's Humans and pets on Sat Feb 19, 2011 3:10 pm


Trance's Humans and pets Emo-girl-blonde-black-hair

Personality: Outgoing and fun, pis her off and you will cop it

Trance's Humans and pets 31591Pretty-Emo-girl-emo-girls-7443226-3

Personality: Fun and cool, loves her pets, isnt easily impressed, hates NoItAlls and has a temper.
Pets: Salvador, and Bonfire

Trance's Humans and pets 2279724076_0de7b69ab8

Personality: Cool and pretty, tomboyish and really rebel, will take on any dare, she isnt afraid to draw blood on anyone.
Pets: Fang

Trance's Humans and pets Blonde-Emo-Boy-Cute-Hair

Personality: hot, shy, emo, but odnt cut himself like a real emo, he is scene
pets: None,r:13,s:206

Name: Jake
Age: 18
Personality: Badboy, He's not a manwhore yet he gets whatevever girl he wants, he blows em off usually though

Personality: Shy and quiet, usually keeps to himself, He is really kind to thoughs he does speak to but its not often he does speak, He isnt that violent though he will when he needs to

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